Preserving India’s Folk Music Roots On Vinyl

By Karl Christenson | July 10, 2019

  • Amarrass Records co-founder, Ankur Malhotra. (Karl Christenson/WPR)

Amarrass Records co-founder, Ankur Malhotra. (Karl Christenson/WPR)

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Ankur Malhotra splits his time between Madison, Wisconsin and New Delhi India, where he runs Amarrass Records. It’s an independent record label that produces vinyl releases from a range of international artists with a strong focus on preserving traditional Indian folk music.

WPR’s Karl Christenson sat down with Malhotra to talk about what pulled him back to India to search for ancient musical masters.

BONUS: To hear the full conversation with Ankur Malhotra, check it out on WPR’s BETA. There, you can hear him talk about what his relationship to music was growing up in India in the early 1980s and what it’s like being the only producer of vinyl records in all of India.

Karl Christenson

Karl Christenson

Karl Christenson is a producer at Wisconsin Public Radio. He enjoys taking his family on cross-country holiday road trips to theme parks and eating bologna sandwiches and parking in the last spot so he can get out of there first.
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