Wisconsin Life #305: “Blazing Trails”

October 29, 2015


A Door County goat farmer, a scenic trailblazer and author Patrick Rothfuss share their unique Wisconsin lives in this episode.

Meet a collection of people who share their Wisconsin lives, including Pat Witkowski, who never does anything half-heartedly.  So when Witkowski started hiking the Ice Age Trail near her home in Oconomowoc, she ended up hiking the entire 1,000+ mile trail.  And when she decided to volunteer on the trail, she ended up leading a team of women who have earned the right to call themselves the Blazing Babes.

Then you’ll meet Jasper Darley, who spent a whole summer collecting bottle caps.  When he asked his father Jesse Darley for help displaying the caps, the elder Darley used a laser cutter at work to make a wooden map of Wisconsin with holes for the caps.  When their friend Steven Latham saw the map, he asked for one and Beer Cap Maps was born.

Next, Lynne Grasse is all about goats on her idyllic Door County farm.  Nigerian Dwarf Goats have become her passion. So much so she studied to make goat cheese, yogurt and soap. Her goats have even caught the attention of a zoo in suburban Chicago. 

Also on tap, a story about how retired Milwaukee school teacher Frank Germanson spends several hours each week walking through old cemeteries around the city. At each grave he stops and photographs the gravestone, in hopes of creating a record for the living.

And finally, popular fantasy writer Patrick Rothfuss laments that “kids these days” don’t play as many thought-provoking games as they did when he was young.  In this animated story, Rothfuss describes the problem-solving comradery between his friends as they tackled games like Zork, one of the earliest interactive fiction computer games.  



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