Wisconsin Life # 801: Fresh Start

October 7, 2021


In the season premiere of Wisconsin Life, host Angela Fitzgerald visits the Urban Ecology Center in Milwaukee. Located within the bustling city, the center’s programs are meant to connect people and nature. Angela meets with Branch Manager Megan Forseth to discover more about the work being done to help younger generations become stewards of their environment. Then it’s a journey to the top of an outlook tower where Angela takes in the views of Milwaukee’s skyline.

We also kick off the season with an engaging set of stories sharing the lives and passions of the people that make up our state. The first of which is the story of Amy Jandrisevits who owns and operates A Doll Like Me. Her non-profit designs dolls for kids who don’t see themselves on the store shelves. She’s made over 400 dolls for children with limb differences, medical conditions, birthmarks, and hand differences.

Next, we find Mark Hayward spinning his yo-yo with skill. Hayward has spent years training and performing with yo-yos to perform tricks worthy of Guinness world records, of which Hayward has two.

Then, we hear the thrum of drums as Yorel Lashley teaches his drumming class. Lashley is the founder of Drum Power, a leadership development program for children and youth using West African, Afro-Brazilian and Afro-Cuban percussion.

Finally, we have an animated retelling of “Las Chicas y Chicos de Blossom Street” written by Araceli Esparza. Luz is a young child who takes us through small vignettes of the lives of those who live on Blossom Street.


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