Wisconsin Life # 810: Beyond Beauty

December 23, 2021


Good fishing, beautiful scenery and accessible hikes. Host Angela Fitzgerald explores all there is to do at Yellowstone Lake State Park. This park with a famous name offers visitors a chance to surround themselves with the beauty of the Driftless Area. Angela sits down with the Park Manager, Michael Watt to chat about recreation opportunities and the history of the park.

While Angela explores Yellowstone Lake State Park, we find ourselves scaling the highest peaks with Lori Schneider. Schneider received a multiple sclerosis diagnosis, but a decade later completed the Seven Summits. She uses her determination to help others with disabilities.

Then, Jessie Fritsch creates a buzz with her encaustic art. Encaustic art is created by using beeswax, and, even though it goes back to Ancient Greece, is a unique art form practiced by few. Fritsch finds that the challenge of encaustic art is with how quickly one has to paint.

After that, we explore the day to day of Elaine and Gary Zarcone. They are a couple who have found their way into becoming campground hosts. As hosts, they stay in the campgrounds and act as a resource for campers; answering all kinds of camping related questions and helping campers who run into problems.

Finally, you’ll find Dylan Jennings out in the woods in all seasons. Jennings is a drum maker, but he is also a member of his tribal council. He also works for the Great Lakes Fish and Wildlife Commission education young and old alike. He sees his job as an educator as the nexus to eliminating stereotypes.


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