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Animated Short Explores A Family Tradition Of Giving In “Something About A Flower: The Fortune We Share”

Something About a Flower: The Fortune We Share is an animated short focused on the perspective of a young girl ...

SAAF #8: Tea Party

Greg gets left to host Rose’s tea party.

SAAF #7: Rain, Rain, Go Away

Rose gets caught in a downpour.

SAAF #6: Dad Knows Best

Greg and Papa Larry work together to build Rose her new toy.

SAAF #4: Bad Hair Day

Rose wakes up with a bad hair day until her dad comes to the rescue.

SAAF #3: Who’s Here?

A knock at the door leaves Rose wondering who could be visiting.

SAAF #2: The Heist

Rose and Tina find themselves hanging around Papa Larry for the day.

SAAF #1: Something About A Flower

Greg reflects on the joys of being a father.