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Carrie Rothburd

Carrie Rothburd is a consultant and writer who lives, rides horses, and cares for wildlife and other small creatures in ...

Pat McBride

Pat McBride is a professor of cardiovascular medicine in Madison.

Marnie Dresser

Marnie Dresser is a writer and professor at UW - Richland County.

Helene Phelps

Helene Phelps recently retired from PBS Wisconsin and now lives in the far northwestern corner of our fair (and sometimes ...

Laurel Hauser

Laurel Hauser is a freelance writer in Door County.

Glen Moberg

Glen Moberg is a WPR reporter in Wausau.

Jane Jeffries

Jane Jeffries is a teacher and playwright in Eau Claire.

Carol Dunbar

Carol Dunbar is a writer living off the grid in northern Wisconsin.

Silke Schmidt

Silke Schmidt is a writer in Madison.

Susan Lampert Smith

Susan Lampert Smith is a science writer in Madison.

Ellery Lawry

Ellery Lawry is an independent radio producer.

Katie Klocksin

Katie Klocksin is an independent radio producer in Chicago.

Andrew Patrie

Andrew Patrie is a teacher, writer, and poet in Eau Claire.