Tubas in Wisconsin: Getting down to brass tacks

We recently received a question from Elizabeth Renner of Madison. She asked us, "Why are tubas such a prominent part of the UW-Madison band? And why are they so popular in the state of Wisconsin?" WPR’s Tim Peterson marched right down to the Madison campus to get some answers.

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Costumes, comedy and cabins: The Wisconsin roots of the critically acclaimed film ‘Hundreds of Beavers’

There’s been a lot of excitement over the slapstick comedy “Hundreds of Beavers,” with movie fans and critics leaving theaters around the globe in awe. It was filmed in northern Wisconsin and its star and writer, Ryland Brickson Cole Tews, is a Whitefish Bay native.

The Wisconsin e-Pilgrims: Finding community during the eclipse

It’s been a few weeks since the solar eclipse captivated many of us. Some Wisconsinites, like WPR’s Norman Gilliland, traveled to Illinois to witness the rare totality. While the moments of darkness have stuck with him, there’s another phenomenon he can’t stop thinking about: finding other Wisconsin eclipse chasers far from home at an EV charging station.

‘The spring renewal Jew’: Father reflects on family and faith while celebrating Passover

Jewish people around the world are in the midst of celebrating Passover. The holiday opens with a Seder meal and commemorates the Israelites’ exodus from slavery in Egypt. The spring renewal festival has writer Mark Griffin of Madison reflecting on his own life and his evolving relationship with his beliefs.

Building community and finding purpose with Yazmin Lopez of Katharisma Cleaning

In a partnership with Midwest Mujeres, WPR’s “Wisconsin Life” shares the stories of six women of color working to build community and better themselves in southern Wisconsin. == Having a kid can completely transform a person’s life.

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