Tubas in Wisconsin: Getting down to brass tacks

We recently received a question from Elizabeth Renner of Madison. She asked us, "Why are tubas such a prominent part of the UW-Madison band? And why are they so popular in the state of Wisconsin?" WPR’s Tim Peterson marched right down to the Madison campus to get some answers.

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Madison woman empowers Black families through nonprofit Urban Triage

Established by social change maker Brandi Grayson, Urban Triage has been at the forefront of empowering Black families throughout Madison.  Grayson birthed Urban Triage from her own experiences and trauma.  “Being homeless, sleeping on the concrete, having a kid at a young age, having parents and a mother who was crack-addicted, having abusive grandparents or family members.

‘Mark’ing a tradition, 40-years and counting

Mark Hendrickson, Mark Hanson and Mark Johnson are best friends. The three Marks are like any group of friends –  they vacation together, go on long bicycle rides, fix up old cars … and every April they’re on the road before dawn to take part in a tradition that spans over half of their lifetimes: they sit outside and count sandhill cranes. 

Wisconsin Life: Retzer Nature Center in Waukesha

Angela Fitzgerald heads to Retzer Nature Center in Waukesha. This natural beauty has 450 acres of diverse ecosystems outdoors, hands-on exhibits and a planetarium indoors. Located at the western border of the city, the nature center offers views for miles and a variety of trails for visitors to explore.

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