Bison: The biggest, baddest animal in Wisconsin (sort of)

Have you ever wondered what the biggest animal in Wisconsin is? If so, you’re a lot like Alstan Van Overmeer of Mineral Point. When he was in 4th grade, he asked WPR’s WHYsconsin project to find the answer for him.

This story is part of Wisconsin Life and WPR's WHYsconsin project. What have you always wondered about Wisconsin, its people or its culture that you want WHYsconsin to look into? You ask the questions, and we find the answers!


It’s a Cricket thing!

Cricket is described as India’s obsession. For Nidesh Singh and Rakesh Cherukuri it is far more than just a sport. Nidesh describes it like this, “It doesn’t see a country or a state or a religion or a cast or anything like that.

Baraboo family finds healing in lavender

Lush fields of purple blooms might resemble the French countryside, but this is Sauk County. For Laura and Aron McReynolds the rolling hills covered in lavender mark a new beginning. They sold their business in Kansas and moved to Wisconsin on a whim and a prayer without any idea of what they would do.

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