‘Where time can stand still’: Why most Wisconsin summer camps stay open for decades

Summer camps are a big deal in Wisconsin. Whether it's playing sharks and minnows, roasting marshmallows while sitting around a bonfire, or tying off a completed friendship bracelet, summer camp activities have bonded youth together for years — and sometimes even generations.

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Finding stillness in the storm: Family camping in the best and worst of times

Taking the kids camping usually sounds like a great idea, until it’s not. Author BJ Hollars brings us a story about the trials and triumphs of the family camping trip. == Finding Stillness In The Storm It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… With those famous words, Charles Dickens opened his classic novel, which, if you read no further, might very well be a book about camping.

My weekend with the doe

Though sunny weather was forecast, my Memorial Day weekend plans did not include picnics or fishing. Yard chores and planting the garden was my fate. Pulling in the driveway, I saw my neighbor had cut his first crop of hay.

To morel or not to morel

Morel mushrooms are a coveted treat in Wisconsin every spring. But the right conditions for finding them can be as finicky and moody as the state’s spring time weather. Yet the result is well worth the effort.

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