Bond between mini horse and community is magnificent

October 3, 2023


In the city of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, a remarkable sight captures the attention of locals and visitors alike. Meet Jack, Eau Claire’s newest resident who also happens to be a miniature horse. One of Jack’s neighbors, Christine Fink, remembers the first time she and her boyfriend laid eyes on Jack.

“We were coming up the hill and crossing this prairie down here. And I looked and I said, “Is that a horse?” says Fink. “My boyfriend says, “I think it is!”

Accompanied by his owner, Rose Johnson, Jack has become a local icon around the city. Bringing a touch of rural life to the urban landscape.

“He’s a very good citizen, an extremely good citizen,” says Johnson. “He’s very careful. He likes to interact but has very good manners.”

Johnson found Jack at a friend’s farm in a pen by himself. The reason he was alone was because of his affinity for being a bit of an annoyance. Sucking and licking the kneecaps of horses and donkeys nearly twice his size. It got so bad that the fear of Jack getting injured by one of the other animals forced him to be alone. Having been rehomed five times already, Jack was sadly running out of both friends and options. So, Johnson did the only natural thing any city-dwelling person would do, she brought Jack home.

“We totally needed each other,” says Johnson. “He needed someone to bond with that would put up with him sucking on everything. And I needed him in ways I couldn’t really, I didn’t understand at the time.”

With almost daily neighborhood strolls, Jack has become a cherished symbol of joy and companionship. The bond between Johnson and Jack is evident in every interaction, forging a relationship that transcends traditional boundaries.

“When people see him, they’re uplifted,” says Fink. “It makes their day. And people that have seen him for the first time, it’s kind of a shock to see a horse in the middle of the city, but they come out and greet him and it brings a smile to their faces.”

Jack has become so popular Johnson created a Facebook page to document his shenanigans. When thinking of a title for the account, one word immediately came to mind.

“He needed a title and I’m like, he is the best thing ever,” says Johnson “I’m like, he’s Jack the Magnificent. And I don’t know why that popped into my head, but it just stuck. And it’s really true too because he is totally magnificent!”

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