Creating modern artworks through an antique process

By Colin Crowley | October 18, 2023


Artist print of Monkey with long sleeve shirt with a bulldozer on it

Artist’s print of Monkey with long sleeve

“Printmaking is kind of crazy. It’s extremely time intensive, and you’re going to spend hundreds of hours creating an image when the actual time to just print it is just a little bit.”

Artist print of a fox in a suit.

Artist’s print of a fox in a suit.

Tim Znidarsich is an artist, high school teacher, and printmaker who spends countless hours creating intricate woodcut prints in the basement studio of his home in Baraboo.

The subjects of Znidarsich’s artworks range from autobiographical memories of vintage cars and cameras, breathtaking landscapes documenting the natural beauty of Sauk County, and surrealistic portraits of animals embodying human archetypes. There is a fox dressed as a cutthroat business tycoon, a deer posing as a stern woodsman, and a chimpanzee outfitted as a curious toddler. All are staring back at the viewer with intense invitations to make a connection.

Artist print of farm.

Artist’s print of farm.

Artist print of nature.

Artist’s print of nature.

Before any of these ideas can be pressed as ink onto paper, Znidarsich carries his images through a complex and rigorous process dating back to Gutenberg’s original printing press. He spends weeks carving a single image into a block of wood before rolling over the block with ink and running it through a traditional printing press.

Artist print of sonophone with flowers.

Artist print of sonophone with flowers.

Creating the image on a woodblock takes weeks. Printing the image on paper takes a few seconds.

The result is a prolific collection of work that brings Znidarsich’s artistic visions to the public through a centuries-old process of creation.

Artist print of a Deer with button up

Artist’s print of a Deer with a button-up

“It’s pretty cool to be working in modern times with modern technologies, but to be using a machine that was invented hundreds of years ago to produce my current work.”

“As a printmaker, it’s a sense of accomplishment to be putting your thoughts and your ideas into such a process-driven art form, and to be able to translate that into a completely visual form for others and to know that you were able to achieve that.” 

Crowley in the snow.

Colin Crowley

Colin Crowley is a multimedia producer for the Cultural Affairs Unit of PBS Wisconsin. He spent over ten years living and working in East Africa before moving back home to Wisconsin because he missed the snow so much.

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