Local teen is brightening the airwaves with radio show “Bea’s Buzz”

By Emily Julka | October 27, 2023


Beatrix Pauli is the host of her own radio show called Bea’s Buzz on 98.7FM WVMO, The Voice of Monona. She interviews people, writes book reviews, shares useless facts … and she’s only in middle school. 

Bea’s career in broadcast radio started when she and a classmate went to the community radio station to record a public service announcement. She was asked to come back to voice a few different PSAs. “Then I came up with a jingle and eventually they were like  ‘If Bea wants her own show that would be awesome’ and at first we thought they were joking, but they weren’t,” said Pauli. 

Now, in its third year, Bea’s Buzz airs on the first Thursday of every month at noon and 3 P.M. She’s interviewed National Geographic explorer Dr. Rae Wynn Grant, Marine Biologist Dr. Diva Amon, along with several Monona locals. “I like to listen to them and then be thinking about what question I might ask next as I listen,” she explained. 

Producing her show has been a family affair. “My mom is sort of my music producer so she picks out all the songs,” Pauli said. “Dad does pretty much all the heavy lifting, I have to give him that credit. He edits it, adds in all the special effects and cuts up all the extra bits.” But it’s Bea’s voice and personality that are brightening the airwaves. 

Not only can you listen to Bea’s Buzz on air but you can also visit her website to catch up on her past episodes. 

Pauli jokes, “I mean I’m not gonna be like ‘listen to my show or else’ but if you can find the time to listen to my show that’d be awesome.” 

Article by: Maria Brunetta

Emily Julka

Emily Julka

Emily Julka is a producer and storyteller for the “Wisconsin Life” project. She tries to make the best of all four seasons in Wisconsin, and considers the Upper Peninsula of Michigan “definitely part of our state.”

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