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Steve Dorchester

Steve Dorchester is an animator at PBS Wisconsin; enjoying Wisconsin life.

Scott Stetson

Scott Stetson is an illustrator/animator for the Wisconsin Life project. He is a lifelong Midwesterner and Wisconsinite since 2007.

Brandon Ribordy

Brandon Ribordy is an animator for the "Wisconsin Life" project who also designs scenery for theatre, other PBS Wisconsin's productions ...

Philip Ashby

Philip Ashby is an animator for the "Wisconsin Life" project who enjoys road tripping on the classic Wisconsin highways with ...

Erika Kachama-Nkoy

Erika Kachama-Nkoy is a web developer and designer at PBS Wisconsin with a keen interest in exploring Wisconsin.

Michaela Vatcheva

Michaela Vatcheva is a motion graphics designer, producer and videographer for the "Wisconsin Life” project. A passionate sailor, she feels fortunate ...

Jen Hadley

Jen Hadley is a motion graphics designer for the "Wisconsin Life" project who says the only tattoo that she would ...

Rodney Lambright II

Rodney Lambright II is an animator and storyteller for Wisconsin Life project who moved from Illinois to the wide open spaces ...