‘Bitten With The Concrete Bug’: Sculpture Gardens Showcase Wisconsin’s Outsider Artists

Listener Chris Murphy of Madison asked us, "Why are there a higher concentration of outsider artist environments in Wisconsin than anywhere else in the U.S.?" So, we turned to the experts to learn more about the monuments and sculpture parks that embrace celebrate concrete, gems, and trinkets.

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Tomahawk Circle: An Ojibwe Family Band

For the members of Tomahawk Circle, playing in a rural family band is a labor of love. Founded in 2006, the Lac Du Flambeau Ojibwe drum group got its name from the street on which the founding members grew up.

Father And Son Cherish Same Church In Two Norways

Sometimes when we’re far from home, it’s nice to have something familiar around to keep us connected. Contributor Eric Dregni has lived in Norway and Wisconsin. And by pure coincidence, he and his son have found a connection in both places with the same familiar thing: a stave church.

Remembering Gene Purcell: My Brother’s Brief Stint As A Rock Star Manager

Gene Purcell dedicated almost his entire professional life to public media. His passion began in La Crosse, where he started as a student reporter at WLSU-FM. Through the decades, he worked his way up the ladder: as WLSU’s news director, WPR’s La Crosse regional manager, Wisconsin’s Educational Communications Board executive director, and ultimately, the director of Wisconsin Public Media.

Watching The Chimney Swifts At Dusk

On August 31st, I hear that the chimney swifts are roosting in the brick chimney at Our Lady Queen of Peace church in Madison, Wisconsin. At summer’s end, swifts mass in great flocks at dusk as they prepare to migrate south.

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