Something About A Flower

Storyteller Rodney Lambright II’s comic series about the rich relationship between a single father, his young daughter and his retirement-age parents.

SAAF #21: The New Year

On this New Year's Greg is feeling down, but with the help of Tina and Rose he is reminded of ...

SAAF #20: The Christmas List

Christmas is coming and Rose has a big list for Santa.

Animated Short Explores A Family Tradition Of Giving In “Something About A Flower: The Fortune We Share”

Something About a Flower: The Fortune We Share is an animated short focused on the perspective of a young girl ...

Meet the Creators and Go Behind the Scenes of “Something About a Flower: The Fortune We Share” Animation

Rodney Lambright II and Philip Ashby discuss the process of creating the animated version of the comic strip Something About ...

SAAF #19: The Six Stages of Hunger

It's hard - really hard - to wait patiently for the Thanksgiving feast.

Meet the Actors and Go Behind the Scenes of “Something About a Flower: The Fortune We Share” Animation

Go behind the scenes of “The Fortune We Share” animation from the comic strip “Something About a Flower” series by ...

SAAF #18: Halloween

Rose really gets into the character of her chosen Halloween costume.

SAAF #16: You Can’t Be Afraid Of The Dark

Rose’s fear of the dark sparks a perfect opportunity for Prim to empower Rose by talking about the realities that ...

SAAF #15: Backyard Adventures

Rose gets an unwelcome TV viewing buddy.

SAAF #14: Climbing For Cookies

Rose and Tina undertake an adventure with a sweet reward.

SAAF #13: Tea Party Therapy

Greg gets tea - and therapy - from Tina.

Meet The Artist Who Makes A Comic Strip Come Alive Through Animation

The creator of the Wisconsin Life comic strip “Something About a Flower,” Rodney Lambright II gives a brief introduction to ...

SAAF #12: Potty Training

Greg tries to convince Rose to give potty training a try.

SAAF #11: The Real Fireworks

July 4th goes off with a bang for Rose, Grandma Prim, Papa Larry and Greg.

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