Wisconsin Life # 808: Badger State Bounties

November 25, 2021


Farmers Markets are a staple in Wisconsin, so host Angela Fitzgerald is visiting the Eastside Farmers’ Market in Madison to check out their offerings and even get a taste test or two. From locally made cheeses to seasonal produce there is a lot to discover.

While Angela explores the Eastside Farmers’ Market, pies are baking at a Milwaukee farmers’ market. Johnathan Dye has been making pies for years. He would often watch his grandmother cook when he was a child, and wanted to bring the joy of eating grandma’s cooking to as many people as he could.

After that, Lisa Kopp teaches her class the importance of barn animals. Kopp did not grow up on a farm, and most of her students didn’t either. She is an agriculture teacher at Medford High School, and you will find small farm animals in her classroom, as well has larger ones in the barn behind the school.

Next, we go from the barn to the farm with Mark Shepard. He does not grow of corn and soybeans, and while he grows asparagus, he only has a few rows. He grows hazelnuts, chestnuts, elderberries, cherries and a dozen other crops. He harvests these crops to keep his farm and fields sustainable for the future.

Then, Elena Terry shares her deep love of cooking with us while giving us a recipe to try at home. Terry’s deep connection to Indigenous foodways was fostered at an early age by the matriarchs in her life, who shared lessons on foraging and processing wild game.

Finally, for a lot of people, thinking of the food we ate as children brings fond memories. Smelling certain aromas coming from a kitchen can act as a sort of time warp, instantly transporting us home with recollections of the people who nurtured and cared for us. This is what Pilot Abdul calls “grandmother’s food”, and he shares his recipe for a food that takes him back.


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