Wisconsin Life: Blackhawk Ski Club in Middleton

November 23, 2023


In the season finale of Wisconsin Life, Angela Fitzgerald visits Blackhawk Ski Club in Middleton, a non-profit dedicated to teaching young people and families competitive, winter sports. Each winter, club members take part in a number of activities including nordic skiing, ski jumping, biathlon training, alpine skiing, snowboarding and more. 

Next, meet Mark Hendrickson, Mark Hanson and Mark Johnson. The three Marks are like any group of friends –  they vacation together, go on long bicycle rides, fix up old cars … and every year they take part in a tradition that spans over half of their lifetimes.  Each April, the Marks hit the road before dawn to count sandhill cranes.

Established by social change maker Brandi Grayson, Urban Triage has been at the forefront of empowering Black families throughout Madison. For Grayson, the best way to help those disproportionately affected by racism is to lead them on their own journey of “aha moments,” moments that help them make sense of their own lives. 

In Baraboo, artist, high school teacher and printmaker Tim Znidarsich spends countless hours creating intricate woodcut prints in the basement studio of his home. The subjects of Znidarsich’s artworks range from autobiographical memories of vintage cars and cameras, breathtaking landscapes documenting the natural beauty of Sauk County, and surrealistic portraits of animals embodying human archetypes.

Finally, watch an animated rendition of ‘A Mother’s Lesson From Rib Mountain,’ by author Jill Sisson Quinn. Quinn desires to teach her four-year-old son something about our existence in the universe while hiking at Rib Mountain in Wisconsin. 


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