Beloit Woman Laments The Season Of Winter In This Animated Story

By Joe Hardtke, Philip Ashby and Brandon Ribordy | November 20, 2014


Winter is a season that invites strong feelings among Wisconsinites. Love it or hate it, we all have to deal with it. Beloit College professor Christi Clancy tells us how she deals with that cold and snowy time of year.

Joe Hardtke

Joe Hardtke is technical director and sound designer for “Wisconsin Life” radio segments.  He was raised on a dairy farm in Kewaunee County, spending most of his youth milking cows and bailing hay. If that isn’t Wisconsin enough, his first broadcast gig was at a polka radio station.

Philip Ashby

Philip Ashby is an animator for the “Wisconsin Life” project who enjoys road tripping on the classic Wisconsin highways with no destination.

Brandon Ribordy

Brandon Ribordy is an animator for the “Wisconsin Life” project who also designs scenery for theatre, other PBS Wisconsin’s productions and “The Antiques Roadshow” … and spends his spare time at home, playing with his two boys.
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