Milwaukee artist blends scientific curiosity and environmental passion in captivating TikToks about the Great Lakes

By Ryan Ward | October 2, 2023


Among TikTok’s captivating content creators, Geo Rutherford stands out. With a blend of artistic creativity, scientific curiosity, and a passion for environmental conservation, Rutheford’s TikTok presence draws a dedicated following for virtual journeys of discovery. One of her favorite subjects: the Great Lakes. “I’ve done videos on all sorts of stuff with the Great Lakes,” says Rutherford.

With each swipe, Rutherford guides viewers across the Great Lakes. From Lake Superior’s majesty to Lake Michigan’s vibrant cityscapes, Rutherford crafts visual narratives that capture the diverse charm of the Great Lakes. Her channel has become so popular she’s expanded beyond the Great Lakes, introducing lakes outside of Wisconsin and around the world.

Rutherford’s TikToks aren’t just virtual exploration – they’re a call to action. Amid stunning visuals and educational content, there’s an underlying message advocating for Great Lakes conservation. “When you stand and look out at the Great Lakes and you’re on the shore and the water is lapping at your feet, you have no idea the greater issues that the Great Lakes are facing,” says Rutherford. Whether discussing plastic pollution or sustainable fishing, Geo’s platform raises awareness and inspires change.

“They are critical for our life here, the way that we’ve been living it,” says Rutherford. “And if we want to continue to be able to live hand in hand with the Great Lakes, then we need to take care of them and be aware that they are an important and critical part of the way that we function here on this continent.”

By weaving storytelling, scientific exploration, art, and environmental concern, Rutheford celebrates Great Lakes’ beauty while recognizing the collective responsibility to protect and nurture these wonders. In a world of fleeting content, Rutherford’s enduring contributions and style pay tribute to the majesty of the Great Lakes.

Ryan Ward

Ryan Ward

Ryan Ward is a producer for the “Wisconsin Life” project and can rest easy after he finally found the perfect jar of homemade dill pickles at the farmer’s market in Madison. … just like his Grandma Shirley use to make!

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