Wisconsin Life #204: “A Curious Collection”

July 28, 2014


A Taliesin tour guide, migratory bird sanctuary and cow chip champ are all featured in this episode.

The Nature Conservancy’s Mike Grimm regularly walks through an island sanctuary where most people will never step foot.   St. Martin Island is located off the tip of Door County and has been acquired by the Wisconsin Nature Conservancy.  Grimm works to create a complete inventory of migratory bird use of the island. He wants to increase knowledge of migratory bird use of the Grand Traverse Island chain and better understand importance of these islands for migratory birds.

Meanwhile, Margaret Ingraham went from a career as a stage actress to having a second act in life.  Ingraham has become one of the most popular tour guides at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin estate.

Our next story features, Bill Green, the director of Beloit College’s Logan Museum of Anthropology.  As part of his work, Green leads anthropology students in their studies of the museum’s Native American artifact collection.  Green’s work is unique because unlike many museums that seek to add to their collections, the Logan Museum conducts research to determine who rightfully owns the artifacts – so that the items can be returned to those native nations.  

Also, Jerry Oscarson collects cookie jars… a lot of cookie jars.  Oscarson didn’t get his first cookie jar until he was in his 30’s, but his collection grew quickly and is now more than one thousand.  Find out why he found his passion in a jar and what they mean to him now.

Finally, South Milwaukee’s Terry Stramowski is widely recognized as the champ to beat… in the Wisconsin Cow Chip Throw and Festival.  Stramowski has taken first place during 18 of the annual events – and placed second in five other years.  What is her tossing secret?  What is her driving motivation?  We head to Prairie du Sac with Stramowski to investigate.   Thank us now for not broadcasting in smell-o-vision.


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