Wisconsin Life # 804: In Full Bloom

October 28, 2021


Flowers are in full bloom as host Angela Fitzgerald strolls the vibrant paths of the Paine Art Center and Gardens in Oshkosh. She explores the landscape and learns about how these historic grounds came to be. Horticulturist Sheila Glaske explains how the space was designed to have garden-themed “rooms,” reflecting the historical mansion they surround. Glaske also shares the work it takes to manage these scenic surroundings.

While Angela explores the gardens, we meet Sharon Page, a woman whose love for dogs started at a very young age. Page and her canine friends have been all around the world winning 113 different awards. They have had some amazing journeys, including competing on the reality show “Turkey’s Got Talent.”

Next, there is the Duckmobile, a creation of Jen Mulder.  Over 300 ducks are pasted across her 1989 Toyota Camry. Mulder has the whole community quacking up over these rubber waterfowl.

Then, we find an unexpected gallery located in a La Crosse County government building. The art in this space was created through the Pen Project, a nonprofit run by husband and wife Chad and Keri White. Their goal is to give a voice to incarcerated authors and artists.

Finally, Wade Fernandez says his music is hard to pin down into a single genre. He says people ask if he considers himself a rock musician, a blues player, or if he’s more into country, folk, jazz or even flamenco. There is one constant throughout his music: a connection to the Menominee lands and heritage that Fernandez shares.


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