Wisconsin Life # 911: Milton House Museum

January 5, 2023


History and mystery await as Keighton Klos, executive director of the Milton House Museum, gives Angela Fitzgerald a tour of the Milton House Museum. The Milton House consists of the 1844 hexagonal stagecoach inn and the Joseph Goodrich residence. The root cellar under the inn is where slaves seeking freedom likely stayed with a tunnel connecting to a nearby cabin.

We meet the founders of Fanana Banana, a project that is bringing underrepresented voices to that art community. Amal Azzam and Nayfa Naji noticed a lack of diversity in the Milwaukee art scene, so they founded Fanana Banana with the intention of sharing Muslim or MENA artists, but the project has grown to sharing the art that is often unseen at larger hubs of art.

The path of politics is one often left alone, but Frances Huntley-Cooper chose to walk it. Huntley-Cooper is the first ever African-American person to be elected to the office of mayor in Wisconsin, and she shares what it took to get her there. She also explains how unfortunate it was for her to look at the political landscape for so long and not see another Black mayor until 2022.

Then, Gretchen Treu shares the challenges and rewards of operating a historic LGBTQ+ bookstore. They have been through many challenges including a store relocation during the COVID-19 pandemic. They also share the changing climate that surrounds LGBTQ+ businesses and the changes that they have made to make everyone feel welcome in their community.

Finally, Ty Wyberg speeds past on his specialized ski chair. Wyberg is a Nordic skier who has skied for Team U.S.A. at the World Cup for Nordic Skiing. Though he may not have placed high, his spirit pushes onward as his times only improved because of his World Cup trip.


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