Wisconsin Life: Sailing Education Association of Sheboygan

October 12, 2023


Set sail with Anglea Fitzgerald as she joins the Sailing Education Association of Sheboygan (SEAS). Angela learns about the nonprofit’s mission to make boating more accessible to all. She hops on board a sailboat to see accessible sailing in action on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan. 

Then, meet Dexter Patterson, a self-described “bird nerd.” Once he began spending more time birdwatching outdoors, his health improved greatly and he wondered if birding could do the same for anyone else. So, he founded the BIPOC Birding Club of Wisconsin with his former college advisor. The club aims to create a more inclusive outdoor space for people of color, who can often feel afraid to be out in nature. 

Milwaukee’s south side is home to Wioletta’s Polish Market where language, traditions and authentic food reside. For more than 150 years Milwaukee has been a beacon of hope for Polish immigrants. Learn how Adam and Wioletta Bartoszek are preserving old-world ways for the next generation of Polish descendants. 

Retired physician, Stan Livingston, knows how important it is to maintain an active lifestyle. He was an avid triathlon participant, starting with sprint races until he worked his way up to the Madison Ironman. But, a Parkinson’s diagnosis changed his life. He no longer runs triathlons but continues his active lifestyle at Rock Steady Boxing, a weekly non-contact boxing class in Fitchburg for people with Parkinson’s Disease.

Finally, meet Jungle Jay Christie, whose dream of owning his own wildlife conservation park came true with Safari Lake Geneva. It’s the opposite of a zoo because the animals at Safari Lake Geneva are allowed to roam at liberty, while people ride around the park in their cars. 



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