Oneida Husking Bee

By Erika Janik | November 2, 2011


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For the Oneida Nation, corn is not just food, it’s culture. The Oneida grew white corn for centuries in New York and replanted it, along with their culture, in Wisconsin in the 1820s. And every fall, the Oneida harvest their traditional white flint corn for sustenance and to remember their tradition.

Vickie Cornelius and Kyle Wisneski work with the Oneida Community Integrated Food Systems project. WPR’s Scott Clark brought us their voices.

Recipe for Hull Corn Soup


  • 2 cups dehydrated corn
  • ¾ lb cooked salt pork or venison
  • 2 cups cooked beans (red, kidney, or pinto)


Cover corn in enough water to cover and soak overnight. Pour corn in stockpot and add enough water to cover corn by 1 inch. Bring to a boil. Cover and simmer for 1 hour.

Add the salt pork or venison and beans. Simmer 1-2 more hours. Check frequently to make sure water covers ingredients throughout cooking process.

Serves: 12

Erika Janik

Erika Janik

Erika Janik is the co-creator and former executive director of Wisconsin Life. She is the author of six books, including Pistols and Petticoats: 175 Years of Lady Detectives in Fact and Fiction, Apple: A Global History, and  Marketplace of the Marvelous: The Strange Origins of Modern Medicine. She’s currently the executive...
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