Wisconsin Life #409: “Making Magic”

November 16, 2016


This collection of stories from people sharing their “Wisconsin Life” includes the story of Kim Souther, a classically trained cellist who is now also using kitchen implements to make world music.

Then Wisconsin Life travels to Gays Mills to meet Jess Brandt, a new mom who wanted the healthiest products for her family. She researches product claims, reviews products and share her findings on a popular blog including revealing dishonest “greenwashing”” business practices.

Next, it’s over to Paoli to meet Richard Judd, a carpenter who creates one of a kind, modern-style furniture items. Judd has created a series of pieces that seem light and whimsical, and perhaps even random. But each piece is centered on an ancient mathematical concept… the golden rectangle.  The concept is based on the golden ratio, a proportion often described as the hidden math behind beauty. It shows up in art, nature and even the human body.

Also on tap, a trip to Milwaukee to learn more about the Chudnow Museum of Yesteryear. Many people may have grown up with a collector in the family. Maybe it was stamps or art or rocks. For Dan Chudnow’s father, it was anything and everything. Today, the Chudnow patriarch’s wide-ranging collection has been turned into a tribute to the days of “yesteryear.”  Dan Chudnow carries on his father’s passion for the everyday, ordinary cultural artifacts of life as the board president of the Chudnow Museum of Yesteryear in Milwaukee.

Finally, Wisconsin Life heads to Madison to meet Sam Black, who has been making a livelihood playing Magic: The Gathering for a decade. The collectible trading card game practiced by tens of millions worldwide has him traveling to a different corner of the globe 40 weekends a year to compete in tournaments. Now celebrated as one of the top players in the world, Black talks about the importance of learning to handle loss, the value of generosity and other lessons he had to learn on his way to success.


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