Wisconsin Life #404: “Local Legacies”

October 19, 2016


This collection of stories from people sharing their “Wisconsin Life” includes the story of John Greendeer, a renaissance man who is in so many ways self-taught. As an adult he taught himself his native language, how to make ceremonial wooden bowls and the importance of self-discipline. The former president of the Ho-Chunk Nation shares his values, struggles with addiction and his way of life as it relates to sovereignty in the future.

Then Wisconsin Life travels to Ripon to meet Judy Larson, a woman who has a big voice and an even bigger personality.  She needs it to deal with Clydesdale horses that tower over her by three feet.  Together with her husband Cal, Larson operates a Clydesdale farm near Ripon. Learn about one of the public shows and how a couple born into the suburbs ended up raising giant horses.

Next, it’s over to Green Bay to meet Brent Hensel. As a Wisconsin native, Hensel landed his dream job with Wisconsin’s football “dream team.” Hensel takes Wisconsin Life behind-the-scenes to see what it’s like to collect and keep track of all the Packers’ memorabilia, including a first ever look inside the new Packers’ archive.

Also on tap, a trip to Madison to meet punk rock hipster drummer Tessa Reina de Echeverria. She has joined with an old-school recording engineer to retro-record music on magnetic tape instead of digital gear, trying to get back to that raw rock sound from the bands she loved growing up.

Finally, Wisconsin Life heads to Prairie du Chien to learn about Pete’s Hamburgers. The burger business has been dishing out patties for more than one hundred years.  The family behind the small burger stand is now on its third generation.  Paul Gokey says that the secret to his grandfather Pete’s success is a very simple recipe.


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